Who We Are

HighSpeedStar Cheap Dedicated Servers is the area exclusively focused on the start-up and connection of last generation servers, belonging to AreaRed, a company founded in 1996 to meet the needs of Web hosting and dedicated servers in the Latin American market (under DedicadosBaratos.com brand) and now in USA.

Our Mission is to provide a first level service in technical terms for the clients that work alongside us, providing them with the best support and solutions within the complexity of factors involved in our business area.

AreaRed was founded by Mr. Sebastián Cristi A. more than 23 years ago and since then he has been developing his activities innovating and updating in technologies thanks to the constant development and advances in our platforms.

HighSpeedStar.com is the area aimed at providing highly competitive solutions in the dedicated server market, thus separating from the company's Web Hosting department, which is managed through the name WebPrime.

The company has 24-hour support and highly specialized and experienced staff to support our clients' projects at all times by providing a stable and robust platform that allows executing all types of Online projects from our IT infrastructure.

Our Datacenter is located in Kansas City, United States, taking advantage of the best IT infrastructure on the continent to guarantee the best service, accessibility and speed for each of our clients in order that their dedicated servers have high availability and access from anywhere in the world . We also have demanding security measures to prevent damage by intrusion, power outages, vandalism, fire or water.

You can contact us here.